Start lists - cross-country

Midnight Ghost Qahira (owner: Foxy), HUN
Valeroso Ibn La’Ahad (owner: Foxy), HUN
- Ragnar Ibn Gamil (owner: Adriana Toro), HUN
Reckless Pancake (owner: Adriana Toro), HUN
Dirty Harry (owner: Juditocska), HUN
Commerce (owner: Juditocska), HUN
Satan's Promise (owner: Juditocska), HUN
Fantine (owner: Esmeralda), PL
Honor (owner: Esmeralda), PL
FH Resurrect Me From The Dead (owner: Esmeralda), PL
FH All of The Lights (owner: Elvia), PL
- Baloo Classic (owner: Elvia), PL
FH Baptism of Fire (owner: Elvia), PL
FHC Everybody Hates Me (owner: Elvia), PL
FHC Letter Bomb (owner: Elvia), PL
- FHC Hooked On A Feeling (owner: Elvia), PL
Elfin (owner: Shamvari), PL
Waseemah SA (owner: Shamvari), PL
- Ansata Nefertari (owner: Zafira Naharis), PL

North Remembers (owner: Adriana Toro), HUN
Last of Us (owner: Juditocska), HUN
Dear Lord (owner: Esmeralda), PL
Vienna (owner: Esmeralda), PL
Cash The Check (owner: Esmeralda), PL
Platisma (owner: Shamvari), PL
- Bugatti Blaze SA (owner: Zafira Naharis), PL

Song of the Sky (owner: Foxy), HUN
- Breaker of Chains (owner: Foxy), HUN
Chalk Outline (owner: Juditocska), HUN
Cascade (owner: Esmeralda), PL

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